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A shoe box hamper is just that — a small food hamper in a shoe box, thoughtfully prepared for needy people in Sidney and downtown Victoria.  Hampers should be held closed with an elastic band.  The emphasis is on food for hungry people to help them think better, stay healthy and make good choices for themselves. Just fill a shoebox about 3/4 FULL OF FOOD (if possible) with non-perishable, easy-opening items. Here’s some suggestions:

• Fruit snacks/fruit leather, small cans of fruit and puddings
• Cans of pasta, chili, beans, etc.
• Soup in a cup, just add water meals
• Granola bars, cereal bars, sesame snack bars
• Chocolate bars, cookies
• Small packs of peanuts, crackers with cheese, trail mix, raisins
• Drink boxes
• Socks, mittens, gloves
• Plastic spoons, fork or knives as needed
• Small packs of Kleenex, small note pad and pen
• Toiletries
Small notes of encouragement such as – “God bless you!” or “Hi, I am praying for you today!” – are much appreciated.
Please secure box with a rubber band. Drop off at the back of the church, or in the office (Mon-Thurs, 9am - 1pm)