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The photos on the left are of The Rev. Kelly Duncan, Priest and The Rev. Juli Mallett, Associate Priest.    

St. Andrew is a vibrant, inclusive Christian community of about 150 families located in the heart of Sidney B.C.  We are a diverse parish family and this is represented in our three weekly services.

Life’s journey is a gift to be celebrated, enjoyed, and relished. We are encouraged to live life to its fullest and see beauty and wonder in every created thing. We try to feel God’s presence with us at all times and make our relationship with God one that is real and true. We believe the church to be a place where we can celebrate and share each other’s unique faith, trust, and connection with God.  A place where stories can be told freely and people’s faith and spirituality can be nurtured and nourished.  A place where anyone seeking God is able to walk through the doors and immediately feel God’s presence. 

St Andrew, Sidney is an inclusive, open Christian community. God has richly blessed us.  The sacraments of the church (baptism, communion, and marriage, for example) are equally available to all on exactly the same terms. Christ welcomes you, and so do we!

Our community reaches out to the world around us with a deep and vibrant faith.  We continue to look for ways to answer God’s call to us to bring the Good News to the world around us.   Our parish is deeply blessed with wonderful people, great children, energetic youth, inventive adults, energized elders, and the gift to laugh and spiritually grow with each other.  The Holy Spirit has found a fun and faithful environment within our lives and this community.  Our parish community is expanding.  Some we are welcoming back, others we are welcoming for the first time.  St. Andrew is a passionate community that loves and serves the Lord.

We are truly blessed and we continue to learn how to bless the world around us.  This blessing flows from God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit through us out into the world.  We make the world a better place because we choose to love the world as God first loved us.  Wherever you are on your faith journey, we invite you inside our doors!  We think we have something to offer you and we know we can learn something from you. Join us – let’s journey together!  

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