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Do you know a youth in middle school that would be interested in participating in an on-line youth program? WAAYV (Wider Area Anglican Youth Victoria)  is available with programing during the pandemic.


WAAYV (Wider Area Anglican Youth Victoria)

Do you need a midweek break from school cliques, homework and chores?  Come connect, have fun, make friends and explore spirituality.  This group is led by our fabulous youth leaders Clay Gustavsen and Teaghan Atkins. 

The group is for anyone in Grades 6-8.

Starting this week April 15th, we will be doing a longer, more structured activity with a shorter check-in and chat on alternating weeks. The check-in chats will be done over Zoom and will last about 45 minutes. The longer activities will last about 1.5 hours to 2 hours. If you or your students have any ideas for activities they'd like to do, we'd love to hear them!


Find us on Facebook: WAAYV (Wider Area Anglican Youth Victoria)