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New Committees at St. Andrews


The Parish Council has approved a new committee structure for the Parish Council, in a move designed to better define the role of the Parish Council in governing the parish, while giving the new committees the responsibility of looking after details. All of the nearly 50 current activities at the church have been grouped into the new committees, so none of the important effort will be lost. Parish Council has appointed some of its members to chair the new committees at least until the next annual general meeting. The new chairs will soon be contacting people currently involved to get things moving as much as possible under our current pandemic regime. If you are interested in the work of any of the committees, please contact the church office. New members are always welcome!

Please be assured that whatever committee or ministry in which you have already been involved will continue- and these parish council committees (and chairs) are not intended to “take over”. They are simply helping parish council better keep track of and manage such a wide variety of ministries. We will also be looking to the leaders of the various subgroups/ ministries that fall within the scope of these larger committees to continue as vice chairs of the larger committee and as the leaders of the subgroups/ ministries. If you have questions about this new organization, or if you wonder where your ministry falls in this new format, please feel free to contact Rev. Eric; he will try to better explain the whole process.

Here are the new committees:



Chair: The Rector

Purpose: oversee all activity related to worship services conducted in the church


Christian Education

Chair: Kathleen Dow

Purpose: oversee all educational activities not taking place during worship services and which focus on our religious beliefs and the church


Pastoral Care

Chair: Valerie Smethurst

Purpose: to provide assistance and ministry to parishioners who cannot attend church or need special help and attention



Chair: Marilyn Shade

Purpose: oversee the role the parish plays to assist people who are usually not parishioners



Chair: Gary Davies

Purpose: to tell about our activities and events to parishioners and the broader community


Parish LIfe

Chair: Janice Varga

Purpose: oversee and organize all activity in the parish or in the community with fellowship as the major goal


Administration and Finance

Chair: Marks McAvity

Purpose: responsible for the parish’s physical property, financial affairs and fundraising

The wardens and the rector will be members of this committee and will constitute the Executive Committee.