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Remember those in prison, as if you there yourself.    
Hebrews 13:3a

We ask you to pray for prisoners, on Vancouver Island and throughout Canada, pray especially for those at Clallam Bay Correction Centre in Washington State.  The folks in prison are unable to have family visits or any other visitors from the outside community, including Kairos volunteers.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to indwell the Kairos community inside, pray for their health and safety. Pray that the men minister and support their fellow inmates and show their love, compassion and patience, just as  Jesus shows us. Pray also for the men and women from the ouside Kairos community as we miss and yearn to resume our fellowship with the men that live at CBCC.  Pray for us to trust that God will make a way for us to resume the ministry at CBCC in His time.

Thanks and blessings,
Jan Bergink, John Moran