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Education for ministry is theological education for ordinary Christians. It is more than Bible study.  It includes church history, and an exploration of ways in which various theological understandings “give voice to each generation’s questions.” It enables us to reflect theologically on our own faith journey and what walking the talk of faith means.  

A number of people in our congregation have completed this four year program, some have done one or two years and want to continue and a few have expressed a desire to begin.  There seems to be enough interest to start a group at St. Andrew’s in January 2018.  Eric is keen, and I am willing to get the ball rolling.   

This is a four year course, to which people are asked to commit one year at a time.  It is not a commitment to be taken on lightly.  It involves a 3 hour group seminar once a week, and about 3 hours of reading in preparation for the seminar.   There is a cost of $350 per year, though this should not be a deterrent if you feel called to embark on the course.  

There is a wealth of information on the EFM Canada website ( As a student, and eventually a mentor I found EFM to be a transformative experience. If you are curious, interested in helping to form a group at St. Andrew’s, or if you just want to know more about the program please contact Margaret McAvity at or phone    604-616-7260.