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Dr. Bonny Henry has put in place a health order that prohibits any in person church services for at least the next two weeks. 

In-person Church services and gatherings are suspended.

Services for all churches in the province have been closed for the time being.

In addition, as no one is to gather with anyone other than their household (or in the case of individuals living alone, with one or two others), we should not be seeing any gatherings of our church family- in restaurants or in our labyrinth.  Dr. Henry made it clear that her order applies for inside as well as outside gatherings.   

If we all do our part hopefull the number of virus transmissions will go down and we will again be able to go back to Phase 2.

Give thanks to God for answered prayer.  Stephen Hives is no longer in isolation as the person whom he came into contact had a false positive.  There is no concern for Stephen now.