Each month a Mission is highlighted and financially supported through your monthly mission giving. 

For  2017
January - Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWDRF)

February - Youth For Christ, Victoria.  Mobile Outreach

March - Precious Jewels Ministry

April - Refugee Focus

May - St. Andrew's Grandmothers Helping African Grandmothers

June - Famillias de la Esperanza

FAMILIAS DE LA ESPERANZA (New June Monthly Mission) -In 2006, the mission discovered entire families living and working in the city dump overlooking the resort of Puerto Vallarta. Their work started, simply enough, by bringing these families food and water. Their situation was dire. Working with a local resort developer and several volunteers, they defined their mission statement, which would come to guide their work there:

"To provide physical, educational, medical, spiritual and emotional support to the families living in the landfill or garbage dump in Puerto Vallarta or surrounding areas."

Today, nearly 300 children are enrolled in school through their School Sponsorship program and several program alumni are even attending universities.

This year marks an exciting new chapter in the mission: A brand new, 70-unit housing and community learning center at the base of Hope Road is nearing completion. It will eventually house 500 men, woman and children, giving many, for the first time, true sheltered homes with running water, electricity, and modern appliances. The center represents much more than just modern shelter, however. It is a transformative place, providing the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual support to families to become independent and self-sufficient.

 July - Woodwynn Farms

Our special offering for the month of July is Woodwynn Farm. It is a 193-acre organic farm used as a therapeutic community for the homeless. The farm offers people the opportunity to change their lives and reintegrate into society through programs based on work skills, community, self-respect and a deep understanding of sustainability.

August - South Island Centre for Counselling and Training

Our special offering for the month of August is South Island Centre for Counselling and Training  which provides professional and affordable services to individuals, families, and organizations in   support of personal, relational and spiritual wholeness.

September - The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine   in Victoria B.C.

The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine - Toronto Ont.

Our special offering for the month of September is for St. John’s House.  The Sisters of John’s ministry in the Diocese of British Columbia is supported in part by the Diocese and in major part from the financial support received from parishes and others, who value the religious life within the church.

October -


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