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Parish Ministries & Their Contacts

Parish Council and Ministries

Committees are formed with Parish Council  and  others Parish Members.

 Parish Ministry  and Contacts

Ruth Howland 
Abbeyfield House, 10017 Fifth St., Sidney B.C. was built by St. Andrew’s in 1987, was the first Abbeyfield in Canada. Housing nine older seniors and a full-time housekeeper, it is run by a board of volunteers (several from St. Andrew’s). 
Wayne Hatt
Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a relaxed, friendly setting. Alpha is for anyone, believers and non believers alike.
“Going to Alpha opened my eyes and heart and spirit.”
Altar Flower Deliveries
Sally Brand
The Altar Flower Delivery Program is an important ministry at St. Andrew’s. There are 14 people who take turns delivering the flowers from the altar after Sunday services. The flowers, usually two bouquets, go to the shut-ins, the sick or people  celebrating a birthday or anniversary. The recipients are very appreciative. Each volunteer delivers 4 or 5 times a year. 
Altar Guild
 Ruth Moffoot
The Altar Guild has the responsibility to support the liturgical life of the Parish, assisting the priest in the smooth conduct of worship, by preparing the Altar for the Holy Eucharist, and all other services of the Church. The care of the altar, sanctuary and their furnishings, is a ministry of love, undertaken in the name of Christ. 

Banner Ministry
Judith Bradshaw

The Banner Ministry puts up a seasonal banner for each season of the church year in the church on the left hand side halfway up. The other banners in the church are changed about every two months.
Book Room 
Novels of all kinds are available in the Book Room as well as the Hall. Donations
of books are welcomed. The money raised goes towards communications.    

Care Home Ministry

A faithful team of volunteers bring Holy Communion to five different facilities in our area: Rest Haven Lodge; Sidney Care Home; Shoal Centre; Beechwood, and Abbeyfield. Time and dates are published in our Sunday bulletin.
Children’s Ministry
 Sunday School is teaching the kids that 'Jesus makes a Difference Everyday'  is the top priority. The program is very structured. Each week is planned in detail and includes stories, games, songs and skits. Each unit is one theme and is four weeks long. So come on up to the classroom and discover that Jesus really does turn the world inside out and upside down! Every day! 
Coffee with Christ Youth
Tim Cribdon
Coffee with Christ is for high school kids. Sunday mornings at 9 we get coffee and settle down to look at the Gospel reading of the week. The focus of the group is to create community amongst our teenagers as they face the challenges living a Christian life in a secular world. 
Coffee Ministry
Lois Ainey

The Coffee Ministry, following the 9:00 a.m. service, encourages ‘conversation’, over a cup of coffee, tea or juice, amongst our church family members and visitors. Many volunteers make this happen weekly! 

Comfort Ministry
Audry Waugh
The Comfort Ministry provides refreshments after a Memorial service in our church. We provide an opportunity  for the bereaved family to meet with family and friends. It also provides sidespeople for the service. 
The Cursillo Weekend is ‘a short course in Christianity’. It is NOT a beginners’
course in Christianity. The method of this three-day course helps mature Christians
renew and strengthen the elements that make it possible to live and share what is
fundamental to being a Christian. It helps them to be leaven in their environments. 
Education for Ministry
Elizabeth Logan
The Education For Ministry programme in Canada is a course in theology for lay people. It is a four year part-time study programme designed to teach people to think theologically, develop a personal systematic theology and increase their knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

Georgina Stevens

It is a big welcome shout-out to Georgina Stevens as she comes on board the ship of editing E-NEWS. We wish her God's wisdom and guidance. E-News is a weekly emailed news letter.
Giving through Envelope &
Direct Deposit
Ruth Howland
As envelope secretary, I record donations from Parishioners who donate through
envelope giving. The envelope totals are entered into a data base, to keep track of
your choice of distribution and to issue you yearly tax receipts.
Direct deposits is an easy way for your giving to be made regular interval.
Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers
Elsie Widdowson

St. Andrews Grandmothers Helping African Grandmothers is committed to supporting Grandmothers in Africa who are dealing with the painful loss of their own children and struggling to care for orphans with HIV Aids. This is done through the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The Foundation contributes 90% of the money raised to fund projects such as  housing, wells, schooling, and community workers. 
9:00 a.m. Irene Shaw 
Greeters are present at all services providing a welcome especially to newcomers
 and visitors. Sidespersons assist at all the services by handing out the weekly
service bulletins, collection of offertory, direction at  the communion, tidying up and
 closing the church after the services. At present it is on a once monthly rotation and
new members to this ministry would make it even less of a commitment.
Healing Ministry
Wayne Hatt
Healing Prayer Ministry is a safe, caring, loving and confidential place to come for prayer and healing with a team of two. 
'Diakonoi Christou'
We “Servants of Christ” meet Thursday mornings at 10:45 a.m. to study God’s word and through His word seek His will for our personal lives. At each meeting we do a somewhat academic review of the passages from Holy Scripture. This review is invariably followed by in-depth discussion of issues or related events by all participants. We have very diverse backgrounds and life experience so these times of discussion are lively and thought provoking.
Home Group-
'New Beginnings'
We are a home group with a mix of seniors and somewhat younger members. We meet on Wednesday evenings and study the readings for the upcoming Sunday. The group remains small purposely because of the small venues in which we gather. The fellowship and relationships in this group are a valued part of our gathering. 
Home Group-
Belle & JohnHarrison 250-656-7472
The Pilgrims are a lively group, saints and sinners all, who meet on Wednesday afternoons  for mutual support and encouragement and knowledge of the Way. 
Patricia Hat
Did you know that we have a labyrinth set in the natural beauty and tranquility of our yard? The labyrinth is an ancient symbol and tool for prayer and meditation. Why not give it a try? 
Lay Ministers,

Morning Group
Audrey Waugh

The St. Andrew’s Church Ladies Morning Group meet the first Tuesday of each month at 9:45 a.m. in the church hall. This is a long standing group of ladies who enjoy guest speakers on a variety of topics and socialization during the coffee / tea time. New members are most welcome. For more information contact Audrey. 
Music Ministry,
Praise Group
 Cameron Ashton
Betty-Rose Harrington
Directed by Cameron Ashton, the Music Ministry is our way of expressing our love of God through song and leads the congregation in joyous God affirming songs at both the 9 and 11 o’clock services. A major focus is on Christmas and Easter music, with a blending of both the Praise Group and the Choir whenever possible throughout the year. The blended group periodically presents music theatre, including solos sung by Cameron’s singing students. Presentations have been widely attended and are very successful events in the life of the parish.
Neighbour's Lunch 
Donna Godwin
Neighbour’s Lunch is still going strong with precious volunteers who give so much time helping. We still serve over 130 bowls of soup most weeks. Three soups are offered, usually two meats and one vegetarian. This is offered free of charge to anyone who attends. Keep in mind that it is NOT just for homeless hungry. This is a Ministry that also reaches out to the community to people who want to be with other people and chat over lunch. So please come and be a part when you can give some time at lunch. 
Outreach and Christian Formation
Wayne Hatt
"You Lost Me"  This was a seven week program where individuals sat around in a circle at Serious Coffee on Beacon Avenue to openly discuss various topics. It is a program originated by David Kinnaman to be used as a vehicle for starting conversations between generations
"Youth Alpha"   This is a vehicle to invite the youth of our wider community to discover who Jesus Christ is and the importance of inviting Him into their lives.
Home Groups or Bible Study Groups are the backbone of socializing for our sisters and brothers. There are a number of groups meeting weekly through our parish. It is my hope that there is a group for each and every one of us to meet and discuss the gospels of Jesus and our role in bringing His word to the community through various means.
Screening In Faith" working closely with the Diocese of British Columbia to fulfill the requirements of becoming a Safe Church.
Parish Life
Janice Varga

Parish Life Team keeps very busy. We have a schedule of events that take place almost monthly, and we usually help out with others such as the Outdoor Service and Welcome Back BBQ’s. We are so grateful for people on the committee as they work very long hours sometimes and it is usually the same crew. Help us out if you can. 

Pastoral Care
Each member of the Pastoral Care team has been called by God to be His healing & compassionate presence in the lives of those who are, for the most part, unable to attend church because of age and/or infirmity. Each member of the team is assigned one or more individuals to visit. These visits often include Bible reading, prayer, holding a hand, and, above all a listening heart.
Photographic Record
Anne Parry & Joan Barrett 250-655-4920

Photos are worth a thousand words. Submit your photos of parish events to Anne and Joan. They will continue the photo record of our parish history.

Prayer Circle

The Prayer Circle consists of members of both Diakonoi Christou and the Pastoral Care Team. This very dedicated group of ‘prayer warriors’ meet together on the last Thursday of the month. They pray daily for all parishioners and others who have need for, and have requested spiritual support. They pray also for our diocesan family and for our community. 

Precious Jewels
Sandra Bergink
PRECIOUS JEWELS MINISTRY is a non-profit, non governmental charitable organization which is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission in the Philippines and works in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare & Development and Department of Health in the Philippines. It receives financial support and in-kind donations and supplies from individuals, churches and civic organizations. It equips people to serve as missionaries and encourages them to raise their own financial support. It provides opportunities for volunteers to help out in child care, Ang Tulay activities, summer camps and administrative support. In partnership with UNICEF and the United Nations Theme Group on HIV and AIDS, Precious Jewels Ministry develops innovative strategies in linking health services to childcare and child protection issues. 
Property and Grounds 
Len Howland
A small group of volunteers are called upon to maintain, repair and build. Skills include woodworking, electrical, plumbing, painting, locks and keys, cleaning, computers, telephone equipment, lighting, heating, gardening and managing scheduled maintenance done by professionals. 

The Primate's World Relief Development Fund is the Canadian Anglican response for emergency relief, refugees, development and justice. Current world crises PWRDF is lending support: Haiti, Japan, Horn of Africa. 
To find out how it is making a difference in the world, please contact me.
Saanich Peninsula Hospital Chaplaincy
We are grateful to members of St. Andrew’s, who have prayerfully and financially supported Chaplaincy and our beautiful new Chapel over many years and we appreciate your continued support. Our Chapel will enhance Spiritual Care, providing a sacred space for prayerful reflection, ritual, and serving the spiritual needs of our hospital community. 
St. John’s House


The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine is a contemporary expression of the religious life for women within the Anglican Church of Canada. Nurtured by our founding vision of prayer, community and ministry, we are open and responsive to the needs of the church and the contemporary world, continually seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our life and ministry. 
Scholarships & Bursaries
St. Andrew's Church Office  250-656-5322

Funds are made available to deserving applicants to continue their studies. There are three opportunities to take advantage of these generous gifts: One is for a Grade 12 Graduate; the second for a Continuing Student; the third is for a Theological Student.
Jen Nielsen 
The servers work with the clergy to ensure Sunday morning services run  smoothly. We are also working to plan fun, social activities for the servers throughout the year. If you would like to be a server or crucifer, please contact Jen. 
Irene Shaw

 During services sidespersons assist with handing out books and leaflets, taking up the offertory and assist parishioners and guests during communion.

Sidney Lyons
Food Bank

Church Office
With the economic downturn, this ministry assists those who require sustenance
in the form of groceries. The Food Bank in Sidney is located at Tulista Park.
Social Media Facebook
Twitter        StAndrewsSidney
Church Office
This ministry serves the endangered youth and adults of the city of Victoria and is linked to The Church Army. It is headed up by Rick Sandberg.
The Sunshine Lady
Sometimes we are unable to attend church for different reasons. Health may be a factor, or we are going through a difficult time. A loved one may have died. A special card is created for you from your parish family. 
The Net
Elsie Widdowson

The Net is the newsletter of our church and is a communication vehicle for the members of St. Andrew's parish. We welcome contributions from parishioners in the form of articles, book reviews and digital photos.

Sermon Recordings,
Len Howland 
-The Technology  ministry supports audio and video needs for worship, meetings, study and drama.
The website is to expose the wider community to St. Andrew’s. The calendar of events is generally updated weekly and a recording of the weekly sermon and/or a text copy is also posted. 
Projected Liturgy is the bookless worship used at the 9:00 am Family Eucharist.
Thomas Williams 
ViVa (Victoria-Vanuatu)
Stephen Hives 
ViVa is an independent, non-profit society of physicians and their families who work on southern Vancouver Island. ViVa works with the government of Vanuatu in the south Pacific to provide basic health services to the southern island of the Vanuatu archipelago.
Volunteer Drivers
Some of our 11:00 a.m. service friends really did need some help getting to and from church. The 7:45 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. friends were managing very well looking after each other! If you feel that you could be a member of this very much appreciated team.
Warm Clothing for Homeless
Lois Ainey
Warm coats, blankets and footwear are collected for the homeless of Victoria streets, starting in the fall. Donations are gratefully accepted by the Mustard Seed.
Worship Committee
Church Office
Youth for Christ
This ministry serves the youth of the first nations groups in our area through Rick Wismer’s Blue Bus Project



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