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At St. Andrew's we are focusing on five dimensions
of Church growth.

Please pray with us as we seek:

  • to grow warmer through fellowship
  • to grow deeper through discipleship
  • to grow stronger through worship
  • to grow broader through ministry
  • to grow larger through evangelism

St. Andrew's is a vibrant Christian community located in the heart of Sidney, B.C.  (Diocese of British Columbia.)

Mission Statement
To know, proclaim and become living examples of Christ.

Advent Wreath

November 29th First Sunday in Advent
Lighting the candle of Hope.

THANKS TO YOU PWRDF has raised over $110,000 for its Syria response.
These funds are eligible for government matching funds. But the need is still great!

PWRDF is supporting ACT Alliance members in providing food, shelter, hygiene, sanitation, psycho-social support, health care and education to displaced Syrians within Syria and to refugees in Lebanon and Jordan; and through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) by supporting food aid to Syrian refugees in southern Lebanon and Beirut, as well as internally displaced people within Syria. The Government of Canada is matching the CFGB program 4:1.

The Government of Canada has announced the creation of the Syria Emergency Relief Fund and will match every eligible dollar donated by individual Canadians to registered Canadian charities in response to the impact of the conflict in Syria, up to $100 million, effective September 12 through December 31, 2015. For every dollar donated to PWRDF, the Canadian government will put one dollar into its Syria Emergency Relief Fund.

The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

St. Andrew's parish welcomes

The Reverend Canon Philip Wadham
our new Interim Priest in Charge.

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Jacqueline’s Adventures in Israel -
"The biggest lesson I’ve learned about living in Jerusalem is that life is never simple."

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St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Sidney
Thanksgiving 2015

It is part of my weekday morning ritual, as I am having a light breakfast, to look at and listen to a BBC World News recording from a few hours earlier. Over the past few weeks images of lines of people, some having walked hundreds of miles and prepared to walk many more, have regularly filled the screen. There are young, some very young, even babes in arms, and there are some in their 80's, all intent on continuing their trek into any European country that will accept them. They are fleeing from a war with the knowledge that already many of their friends have already been killed and any hope that they might have for the future does not lie in the country that they are leaving.

Of the countries that have shown compassion and been prepared to accept a high number of these refugees Germany tops the list, though even Germany is beginning to wonder how many more they can comfortably accommodate. Clearly a world-wide, not just a European response to this present crisis is required, especially as that stream of displaced persons continues unabated.

It is with all this in mind that I try to write a 'Thanksgiving' letter. We know that we in Canada have much for which to be thankful and it's really unnecessary for me to list some of the blessings that we enjoy. It was a Canadian, Marshall McLuhan, who coined the phrase 'Global Village' to describe the influence of the media on our present awareness of events in other parts of planet earth. So, in those pictures of people fleeing from terror what we are seeing are our fellow villagers, and the inevitable question that comes to us is how we might respond in a way that that is helpful to them.

Some suggestions: In this diocese there is an active Refugee Sponsorship programme, coordinated from St Matthias Church in Victoria by its Rector, Bruce Bryant-Scott ( It may be that one way of giving thanks is to get involved in that movement. Or it may be that a donation to any of a number of organizations that are working among the refugees, including our own PWRDF (, is your best response. Whatever choice is made, 'Thanksgiving' for us should be more than a turkey feast with family around a table. It has to be a response to the needs, to the desperate needs of displaced persons, a response that says "We care, and we want to help".

Thanks be to God that we are able to respond.

Rev Canon Philip Wadham - Interim Priest-in-Charge

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